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Pinbooster Connects Advertisers and Brands with Pinterest Users.
Pinbooster is the first platform to facilitate advertisers paying Pinterest users to pin.

The start-up, founded by Dave Weinberg and Ariel Remer, gives advertisers the opportunity to create a branded pin that links directly to their desired webpage and then pay an influential Pinterest user to pin it. During the process, pinners are encouraged to tailor the pin description to fit with their followers.

In keeping with Pinterest’s exclusivity appeal, Pinbooster has launched in private beta, allowing interested participants to sign up for Pinbooster only if invited. Thankfully, anyone can request an invitation and Pinbooster is accepting new users every day. For those who are chosen, the process is quite simple.

Pinners sign up through their Pinterest account and are prompted to add to a profile that has already generated their Pinterest statistics and has suggested what they should charge per pin. They are then able to receive offers from advertisers, suggest a pin description in their own words, and, after pinning, get paid.

Advertisers have an equally easy process where they are able to purchase credits for the site, search for a pinner they want to use, make an offer with a pin, approve a description, and once pinned, the credits are automatically removed from their account.

While Pinbooster isn’t the first to mix advertising and social media, they are the first to act on an obvious visual advantage in Pinterest. Similar services for other social media sites certainly exist, but Pinterest’s statistics make it a quick sell to the dozens of advertisers already waiting to offer their first pin through Pinbooster.

Pinterest boasts over 100 million hits per month and has nearly 12 million users while still in private beta. It is unique because of its visual design, its re-pinning culture, and it’s ability to drive traffic directly to the pin source’s website.

While advertisers using Pinbooster only pay for the initial pin, any repins are an added benefit, which will exponentially drive traffic to their site.

“We make it affordable for advertisers to promote their brands on Pinterest and reach a larger audience than their budget should allow,” says co-founder Ariel Remer.

Advertisers are given access to Pinbooster’s database of pinners and are able to search by followers, influence, location, and budget. The credit system allows advertisers the option to put all of their credits into a highly influential pinner or to spread a campaign out into lower priced individuals.

Co-founder Dave Weinberg recognizes the appeal for Pinterest users, commenting, “Pinbooster allows Pinterest users to create real value from all of their hard work.”

Pinterest users are known to follow other users for aesthetic taste and product recommendations along with friendship or any other connection. The former two reasons are the ones Pinbooster members are able to benefit from. In fact, Pinterest referrals spend more than 70 per cent more money than those visiting a site from non-social channels including a search engine. Shoppers referred to a site by Pinterest are 10 per cent more likely to make a purchase than visitors arriving from other social networks.

When Pinbooster posted a single page site on March 27, 2012, those intrigued by the platform were able to sign up to receive an invite when the full site went live. The interest was overwhelming for the co-founders and has become a firm base to launch the service from. Pinbooster has already confirmed dozens of committed advertisers and are continuing to add to these numbers daily.